“Oaxaca Day of the Dead” has screened at the National Geographic Society, Dallas Museum of Art, Mexican American Cultural Center, Firehouse Art Center, Oaxaca Film Festival, L.A. Day of the Dead, and South Florida Day of the Dead Celebration. It is a collection of eight documentary short films shot during Day of the Dead in the Central Valley of the State of Oaxaca in the South of Mexico.

From an objective point of view each piece shows the importance of the event to the people that appear on camera. It is very clear that each town has it’s own unique way of honoring and celebrating the dead. Each individual's personal experience is shaped by elements from life on earth, for example, their spending capacity, while some have little money available, we see their participation limited to set a modest offering altar at home, but others in a better financial situation throw big parties and hire musicians to perform at the cemetery for their deceased family members. However, and regardless of their economic differences, the reality is, that the essence of their motivation to honor their ancestors is the same.

Includes poetry excerpts from philosopher, warrior, architect, and poet Nezahualcoyotl, ruler of the city-state of Texcoco in pre-Columbian Mexico from 1431 until his death in 1472.
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