As integrated/digital producer, I oversee and manage the production of digital advertising campaigns, animated web banners, and multimedia projects, I usually get involved as early as the digital strategy starts to take shape, all the way into final delivery. As well as managing tv and radio advertising projects, or video projects that are integrated to a digital campaign or website. I love everything related to capturing video and film, as well as the utilization of digital media for distribution and promotion of products and services.

I have also produced, directed, shot and edited music videos, PSA's, and two documentary films, Oaxaca Day of the Dead and Little Saints, the latter received a grant from National Geographic's All Roads Film Project and also a Recognition Award from UNESCO, it is available on most VOD sites.

My responsibilities include, budgeting, scheduling, hiring crew and digital studios, negotiate cost with vendors, lead the accounts and creative teams throughout the project, while making sure it stays within budget, and it is delivered on time, according to client specifications.